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Hello again! July 9, 2010

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Time passes us by without any notice and by the time we pause to think, it’s another year.

The last year or so have been tremendously challenging for me to say the least.
I don’t want another year to go by just like that, so I have decided to start writing again.

So that when I look back on the year(s), I could smile in remembrance
of the time Sienna said she’ll take care of mama forever
or when Christopher ate his first lollipop.

It’s never easy to keep track of everything that’s happening in your life,
especially if you have 2 kids and a full time job.

Admist the summer school activities planning, sibling rivalry management,
washing machine breakdown, air-con leak,
kids falling sick, husband and I falling sick
and endless little drama’s at home and at work,
a week past and I have yet to celebrate my birthday 
and we realized that it’s our wedding anniversary!

With what little energy we have left, we snuck out for a couple’s night
and ate at a place we found in a magazine recommendation,
went to $10 dollar store to pass the time
and watched the Vampire Chronicles at a cinema a stone’s throw from our home.

This is when you appreciate the very most basic things we take for granted.
Each other.

I had planned to perm my hair, paint my nails red, buy a new dress, go for a holiday etc… 
none materialized except for the red nails.
But we had each other.
And I feel so very blessed because of that.


Baby Christopher, I Love You! April 16, 2010

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Welcome Baby Christopher!.


September 19, 2009

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Christopher Laughing with mommy


Chris is 100 Days Old! June 11, 2009

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Letters to Sam May 26, 2009

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…is the name of the book I am reading now. A collection of letters from Grandpop Dan to his precious grandchild Sam (See picture below). A grandfather’s way of showing his grandson what he knows as life and the best way to live life. 


Sometime after we leave school, we will all realized that life is harder than we thought and richer than we could have imagined it to be. And this book reminds me yet again what is really important to me and how to treasure those things and more importantly, those people and the moments we share with them.


I’ve just started on the book and am at page 37, but already, I have teared on a minibus while reading it on the way home and at the same time smiled with my heart when a poignant moment was shared through his words and his heart.


To Dan and Sam, I am so touched by your love for each other and of life itself.


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Just in case you don’t know my name… it’s… May 25, 2009

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The siblings – 2nd month May 20, 2009

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Sienna at 2 months


Christopher at 2 months




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